Available in Crossbows progressive designs listed for injection moulding of front side semi-finished or back side finished lenses.

Preview Premium design developed using Smooth Optics Technology for smooth progression of power to minimize swim effects, provide comfortable viewing and ease patient adaptation
Preview Short Short corridor version of Preview with the same optical benefits specially designed for smaller frames
Petite Pico Designed for extremely small eye sizes with a minimum fitting height of only 13mm. This soft design adapts easy with no compromise to distance or reading areas
Petite Soft aspheric design with low distortion and minimum fitting height of 15mm
Midi Aspheric design for frames suitable to a minimum fitting height of 17mm. Low distortion and great optics throughout the viewing fields
Select Great value design with low distortion, minimum fitting height of 18mm and generous intermediate and reading areas
Contour S Soft design with wide usable corridor. Good option for larger frames with a minimum fitting height of 21mm



Wide range of options for front or back side powers.

Spherical (Front) Concave form front “A” inserts with a power range of 0.00 to 12.00D depending on diameter size
Sphere/Cylinder (Back) Convex form back “B” inserts in spheres from 0.00 to 12.00D and cylinders up to -4.00D
Atoric (Back) Convex form back “B” inserts from 0.00 to 12.00D and cylinders up to -4.00D. Include EyeView Technology
Aspheric (Front or Back) Concave front “A” or convex back “B” in aspheres from 0.00 to 12.00D depending on diameter size. Include EyeView Technology


CUSTOM Inserts

Progressive or Single Vision metal inserts designed to customer’s specifications with powers based on XYZ surface geometry. Reproduction of existing inserts also available with customer providing the design drawings and sample.

Progressive (Front or Back) Front and back inserts for injection mould semi-finished or finished progressive lenses. Made-to-order designs with XYZ surface geometry and customer specifications
Single Vision Aspheric (Front or Back) Front or back inserts made-to-order based on XYZ surface geometry. Include EyeView Technology
Single Vision Atoric (Back) Convex back inserts designed with Crossbows Optical’s EyeView Technology based on XYZ surface geometry