ECP Sales Aids & Sizing/Centering Charts

Individual product flyers for each Crossbows freeform lens design are available for customization with your own company information. The process is simple. Select the type of material you need to customize down below. An input screen will allow you to add your company information.

How it works

    1. Upload your company logo/name
    2. Add your address and contact information
    3. Select the marketing piece(s) needed
    4. Add your own brand name
    5. Download high-resolution print files



PATIENT Material

A patient brochure that educates eyeglass wearers about the advantages of freeform lenses is available for you to download and print as needed. You may also choose to download a video that demonstrates the benefits of freeform lenses for patients. The video is formatted for any device that runs YouTube type videos.


  • – High-resolution patient brochures
  • – Helpful intstore informational videos