Progressive moulds in Premium, Everyday and Lifestyle designs are available to mix and match according to your needs. Single Vision moulds in aspheric and atoric options are designed to your specifications. All moulds are offered for lens materials ranging from 1.498 to 1.740 indices. Diameters are available starting at 70mm up to 87mm. Other base curves, indices and diameters available as made-to-order.

Range at a Glance

PreviewPremium design
Preview ShortPremium short corridor design
Petite Pico12mm corridor design
Petite14mm corridor design
Midi16mm corridor design
Select17mm corridor design
Contour S20mm corridor design
ComputerEyesA superior office lens progressive design
Petite JuniorFor 8 to 16 year olds
RelaxA comfort lens for non-presbyopes
Aspheric & AtoricDesigned to your specifications

*Centred moulds for finished progressive lenses available at an additional charge
** Additional base curves available by request and subject to an additional charge.