Current Crossbows glass progressive lenses are designed with Smooth Optics Technology to provide the user with the best viewing experience at all distances. The freeform design uses computerized calculations to customize any prescription to the patient’s unique frame and face fit combination. The design is digitally applied to the back surface of a glass semi-finished lens blank to produce a one of a kind lens for each patient.

Custom V+ Premium progressive design that includes EyeView Technology to reduce peripheral distortion. Digital EyePower provides clear viewing in any lens frame even wraparound styles. The variable inset features allows the optician to select the value or the computer software can calculate based on the additional measurements given. Custom V+ includes  corridor lengths from 12 to 18mm



Unique designs geared for specific tasks. These two options below provide wider viewing fields where needed most. The glass lens provides superior optics and scratch protection while the design itself is calculated based on the patient’s specific measurements. Edge blending, control of base curves and crib shapes reduce plate height and lens thickness for thinner, lighter, more comfortable lenses.

Custom Office This near-variable focus design accommodates the intermediate and near vision requirements for carpenters, plumbers, painters, mechanics, musicians and artists along with computer users. The extra-large reading and intermediate areas are strategically placed for a natural head position to reduce eye and neck strain. 8 dynamic powers allow for reading additions up to 3.00D. Minimum recommended fitting height is 16mm and the frame should have sufficient depth to accommodate the reading area for patient satisfaction.
Custom Driver This option has individual designs for left and right eyes to maximize the distance viewing fields allowing for clear viewing of side mirrors and a wide corridor for dashboard reading. Recommended for presbyopes driving a minimum of 4 hours a day


OTHER Designs

Freeform lens production allows the ability to personalise virtually any lens design with the appropriate software. Crossbows Optical’s EyeView Technology added to a standard single vision lens makes viewing EXTRAORDINARY.

Custom Single Vision EyeView Technology eliminates unwanted astigmatism widening the viewing fields to the lens edge. Digital EyePower helps high plus and minus prescriptions receive flatter, thinner lenses to expand the range of frame styles to choose from. Variable decentration allows the design to shift the optical centre on the lens blank as needed allowing more lens materials and diameters to be used. These features are especially beneficial for wraparound frames.