Three levels of customization with different corridor lengths*; all with excellent optical properties and appealing profiles. Available in hard or soft design.

V+ A premium variable corridor design created using Crossbows Optical’s Smooth Optics Technology delivers unparalleled levels of smoothness for the most discerning patient. EyeView Technology is integrated for wider fields of view and the corridor length is computer-selected with the patient’s face fit measurements and frame specifications.
U This design includes variable corridor lengths ranging from 12 to 20mm. Computer software selects the best corridor based on the patient’s fitting details and frame choice. Includes EyeView Technology for consistent optical performance across prescriptions. Gives great comfort, fast adaptation and sharp vision overall
Basic All-purpose standard progressive in six corridor lengths to choose from.

  • Basic 13 and Basic 14 are specifically designed for small eye sizes and deliver good reading, corridor and distance viewing fields
  • Basic 15 and Basic 16 combine a generous distance with good intermediate and reading
  • Basic 17 and Basic 18 are a great solution for ample frames that allow the maximum use of each visual zone



Because certain lifestyles require unique viewing considerations, Crossbows Optical offers a series of designs specially geared towards these individuals. For work or leisure, these lenses offer great optics where needed most and assist in relieving eye strain.

Office Desk Pro An alternative to a standard progressive lens specifically designed to provide ample reading and intermediate viewing fields. Its near variable focus design makes it ideal for computer users, musicians, carpenters, tailors, artists, etc. Conveniently placed visual zones reduce neck pain and eye strain. Select from Office, Desk or Professional based on the degression needed.
Driver Designed with the specific requirements of driving in mind. This progressive design includes a wide distance area for comfortable viewing across the windshield to side mirrors. The improved intermediate zone is perfect for reading dashboard gauges and travel devices while providing adequate near vision for steering wheel components.
Relax S A comfort lens recommended for non-presbyopes that spend a large portion of the day focusing at near distance and suffer from tired and strained eyes. It is available in two forms: Relax S I with an addition of 0.66D in the near viewing field (25-35 year olds) and Relax S II with an addition of 1.00D (pre-presbyope 35-45 year olds).
Sport This design is specially engineered with a generous distance area for active outdoor lifestyles such as tennis and golf players, hikers, cyclists, etc. Sport includes EyeView Technology and Digital EyePower to provide wider viewing fields even in sports-style wrap frames.
Junior This mild progressive design was created in response to clinical studies** regarding the use of multifocals in young children to slow down the progression of early onset myopia. Recommended for 8-16 year olds based on indications that myopia stabilizes by the late teens or early twenties. The Junior design offers a large stable reading area and excellent peripheral clarity in the distance zone.


OTHER Designs

Crossbows Optical’s digital designs extend to monocular and bifocal lenses.

Bigressive The Custom Bigressive uses advanced progressive lens technology to create a patented hybrid design. There is a smooth transition from distance to near, as in a progressive, but with the wide fields of view of a bifocal, without any unsightly line.
Blended Bifocal This custom blended bifocal design is applied to the back surface of semi-finished single vision lens eliminating the tell-tale ledge found on cast bifocals. The inset values can be included in the prescription or the software can select the best value for optimal optical performance.
Single Vision An advanced single vision lens incorporating EyeView Technology to reduce peripheral distortion caused by unwanted astigmatism and provide clear viewing to the lens edge. Digital EyePower makes this design ideal for sports and fashion wrap frames.


*Corridor lengths are measured from fit point to 100% of full add power.

**Cooper, J., Schulman, E., Jamal, N. Current Status on the Development and Treatment of Myopia. Optometry. 2012;83(5):179-199.
– Gwiazda J, Hyman L, Hussein M, Everett D, Norton TT, Kurtz D, Leske MC, Manny R, Marsh-Tootle W, Scheiman M, and the COMET Group: A randomized clinical trial of progressive addition lenses versus single vision lenses on the progression of myopia in children. IOVS 44: 1492-1500, 2003.


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